Roxi the bulldog

This blog is dedicated to Roxi the bulldog, a personal training company that my family is starting, and my Fall 1 2012 AD 648 Ecommerce class at Boston University.

Our bulldog, Roxi  has inspired us to theme our personal training company around the nature of a bulldog.  During the middle ages, bulldogs were used in the now-banned sport of “bull-baiting”.  They were trained to seize the bull by the nose as this would render the bull useless.  The tenacious bulldog would hold on to the bull at the cost of broken limbs, teeth, and often it’s life.  For more information on bull baiting, see this link.

The modern day bulldog has been bred to be smaller in stature and gentle, but they still have the underlying stubbornness and tenacity that their ancestors exhibited.  You can check out photos and videos of Roxi that displays some of her ferocity and also her gentleness.

This tenacity is what it takes to achieve your fitness goals, especially when balancing work, family, and school.  Many times people complain that they have no time for physical fitness, but in reality you just have to make time.  Whether it be a 20 minute jog or walk  most mornings before your day starts or your lunch break, there has to be time that you dedicate towards yourself and your health.  No excuses.

After making that time to exercise, the next thing is to stick with it.  Becoming physically fit doesn’t happen overnight, and overdoing it can also discourage you.  Take it slow, and set goals that are realistic.

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